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We are now proudly distributing Maison Berger Paris Collections!

  • Scented Candles

    Dinner Candles in Australia

  • Scented Candles

    Dinner Candles in Australia

Dinner Candles in Australia

At Domaine Lumiere, we stock a wide range of contemporary candles that come in an extensive variety of different shapes, colours and scents. We constantly expand our inventory to keep up with the latest in industry trends, as well as incorporate any seasonal styles. Every single one of our candles is crafted using a rare know-how employing traditional and highly technical production methods with a highly developed sense of modern design. This has enabled us to be one of the primary distributors for dinner candles online in Australia.

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From pillar candles to scented candles and even Lampe Berger car diffusers, we have it all. If you want to buy a candle that bleeds sophistication, then look no further than Lampe Berger Candles in Australia. The candles from Aroma Collection by Maison Berger Paris are crafted with olfactory formulations enriched by the benefits of essential oils with a result of subtle fragrances that relax the body and mind, revitalise the senses and boost your mood. Our candles are available for online sale throughout Australia.

When you use a Maison Berger candle, you are using an item that is a seamless integration of tradition and modernity. These candles have truly exceptional fragrances developed by worldwide notorious Perfumers from Grasse with an aroma range that is sure to delight anyone who makes a purchase for online candle sale. At Domaine Lumiere, we have focused on providing candles online that have a fantastic design with colours that are soothing to the eye. We understand the common frustration that exists with most dinner candles in Australia which is problems such as smoking, dripping or losing their shape.

For this reason, at Domaine Lumiere we have ensured that every single one of our Australian candles is crafted in such a way that these problems are negated, thanks to the heritage of a unique and rare ancestral art from our supplier Bougies la Francaise, French candle manufacturer since 1902. However, our extensive range does not simply end with Lampe Berger candles.

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We also have seasonal candles and party candles available in Australia for a variety of different occasions. Our wide range of scented candles is crafted using Aromachology techniques amongst other ancestral techniques. We understand that simply having a Maison Berger candle is not a complete experience, which is why we also stock an extensive range of candle accessories and holders available for online sale.

Sale on Candles Online

We also offer online sales on candle decor items that can significantly enhance any table setting or even home decor. We constantly update our inventory with the latest in candle accessories to ensure that your choices when shopping with us are never limited. Simply reach out to our customer care and they can help you find the right decor item for your requirements for candles in Australia.
Our design and aroma values are steeped in French tradition to enable you to have candles that not only exude sophistication but also have a French flair that helps them stand out. Maison Berger Paris also offers Car Diffuser Kits with unique contemporary shape, which will elevate your car interior. Simply clip the Lampe Berger car diffuser to your vehicle’s air vent to enjoy the scent of your choice as you drive. These delicate and subtle refillable car diffusers will quickly become a highlight of your car rides.

As an exclusive distributor of Maison Berger candles Australia, we can assure you that you will find elegant and exquisite designed candles amongst our extensive range. 

Despite having a premium approach to the design and make of our candles, we strive to maintain a level of affordability that enables us to be accessible to a larger audience. 

So, if you want affordable yet high-quality Lampe Berger candles in Australia, then reach out to Domaine Lumiere today and we will help you find the right candle for your requirements.


Are your candles drip-free?

When burnt correctly, our candles are dripless under normal conditions. The best way to burn candles is to place them upright on a flat, stable surface indoors, away from breezes. Place candles bought online away from air-conditioning vents and open doorways.

Choose the right candle holder to ensure that your table linens and surfaces are protected. You should separate candles by a minimum of 10cm when creating centrepieces or displays to prevent undue candle melt and burn. The burn time of candles will be reduced if they are burned too close together.

Do candles produce smoke?

No. We recommend trimming the wick to 5mm - 8mm before lighting our candles so they won't smoke. An ideal tool for this is a candle wick trimmer. Candle smoking and black soot formation are primarily caused by a longer candle wick. Our candles in Australia are durable and long-lasting.

How Long Do Candles Last?

When burned correctly, each candle has a different burn time depending on the size and shape of the candle. You can find the burn time in the description of each product. When placed in glassware, such as a glass cylinder or sleeve, the extra heat from the glass and hot air trapped around the candle will affect the burn time. Candles burn rapidly, drip or pool when placed in too small glassware. At Domaine Lumiere, our candles available for sale online are durable.

How do I store my candles?

The candles available online in Australia from Domaine Lumiere should be stored in a cool, dry place away from dust and sunlight. Our Domaine Lumiere coloured candle range contains natural products and dyes that may fade if placed near windows.

Can I burn my candles outdoors?

Candles burn optimally in indoor, protected environments without breezes or air conditioning vents. If you wish to burn your candles outdoors, we recommend choosing a Candle Vase, Votive Holder or Cylinder Sleeve. You can get lovely candles online from Domaine Lumiere.

How long does standard delivery take?

Upon selecting shipping at the cart, we will estimate delivery to your location. These are estimates only and may vary due to circumstances beyond our control. Buy the best candles in Australia from Domaine Lumiere.