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Taper candles can be easily identified by their tall and thin shape that helps them stand out from other candle variants. When most people think of candles, the first image that pops into their minds is that of a taper candle. Coloured taper candles are in high demand because of their versatility and wide range of uses. Most candle holders come with pre configurations that are aimed towards taper candles. In case they aren’t, we also sell candle sharpeners to ensure your dinner candles and tapers will fit in any type or size of candle holders. This alone can show the commonality and wide usage of taper candles in Australia. Walk into any store and you are guaranteed to find at least one variety of taper candles.

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While they are significantly slimmer and contain less wax than their straight counterparts, the benefits of taper candles over pillar candles cannot be understated. In terms of providing light, both taper candles and dinner candles work in the same manner. While both provide an incredible amount of light in every direction, taper candles stand apart for two primary reasons.

The first is the design. Taper candles are made in a traditional wick dipping method. This involves the process of repeatedly dipping a wick into a pot of wax to create a smooth and tapered look for the body of the candle. This design is extremely important when it comes to pooling at the bottom as the runoff from being dipped enables the candle to pool at the base rather than the top which is in stark contrast to column candles. Furthermore, a taper candle provides the maximum amount of lumens in a room meaning that there is little to no restriction when it comes to their light filling up any given space.

Coloured Taper Candles

The best part about Domaine Lumiere is that we stock an extensive range of coloured through taper candles. If you need taper candles in Australia, then your one and only provider should be Domaine Lumiere as our large number of coloured taper candles are more than enough to fit any requirement for any kind of decor.

We use high-quality wax for our taper candles which are refined to the point where there are practically zero impurities in the wax itself. This means when you buy coloured taper candles from us, you can be assured that they will have a natural dripless property as well as an ability to burn longer and cleaner than any other candle in the market.

We also use high-quality wicks to ensure that the flame is not a flickering one and stays stagnant and stable throughout its entire run. You can be assured that every single one of our coloured taper candles has a dripless quality where there is practically zero pooling at the bottom. This effectively means that you don't have any mess to clean up after the candle has been burning for an extended period.

If you need high-quality taper candles in Australia, then Domaine Lumiere is undoubtedly your best bet. We can provide you with premium coloured taper candles that come in a variety of hues for you to choose from.


What is a taper candle?

A taper candle is a type of candle that is thinner at the top than it is at the bottom. Taper candles are often used in candelabras and in other decorative applications.

Are taper candles dripless?

The taper candles in Australia from Domaine Lumiere are not 100% dripless, but they are designed to minimise dripping. To help your taper candles burn more evenly and prevent dripping, keep the wick trimmed to ¼ inch and avoid drafts.

Where do you put taper candles?

There are a few different options for where to put coloured taper candles. They can be placed in candlesticks, holders, or even just stuck into the ground. The most important thing is to make sure that the candle is stable and will not tip over.

How long do taper candles last?

The burn time for taper candles is approximately one hour per inch of candle. The burn time of a 12′′ taper is approximately 12 hours.