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A collection of iconic, timeless and delicately charming essences. Our online scented candles collection celebrates the quintessence of ancient perfumes and offers the most concentrated essence of a substance whose symbolic values have journeyed across the centuries. Mythical scents whose properties have stretched along time and are still there today. Our scented candles available in Melbourne carry the spirit of their souls... These tastes, the perfumes, colours or illustrations have faded, distant, images which are brought from the past to the style of the day...

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Smell, breathe, feel all that Mother Nature has to give us. We also have a Collection of scented candles online inspired by Nature’s goodness, which carries in its name the power of simplicity. A strong commitment: natural home fragrances, 100% vegetal candles, 100% cotton wicks, recycled paper wrapping and French manufacturing for a minimal ecological footprint. Back to well being and the essential. Certified organic essential oils are now also enriching this La Nature range, like an herbarium with 1,000 virtues.

There has always been a gradually increasing demand for online scented candles for sale. The reason behind this is quite simple. In Melbourne, scented candles are a mainstay in many homes and are often looked at as a luxury item. However, with the recent quarantines, candles have become a necessity for a lot of homes for the reason that online scented candles in Australia have been shown to have a highly calming effect on an individual's mood. It has been mentioned by many aromatherapists that scented candles in Australia have a stimulating effect on our brain that tends to affect our dopamine and serotonin levels. This means that there is a direct correlation between balancing an emotional state and smelling certain fragrances.

It is not surprising then that scented candles for sale have mostly had a calming effect on individuals and has significantly helped them with reducing their anxiety. At Domaine Lumiere, we stock an extensive range of online scented candles that come in a large variety of styles and fragrances. By consulting with established aromatherapists, we have identified certain fragrances that are bound to have a highly calming and relaxing effect on individuals in their vicinity.

We aim to only provide our clientele with pure perfection when it comes to online scented candles, which is why we are focused on becoming the primary proprietor for high quality scented candles in Melbourne and throughout Australia. If you look through our range of scented candles for sale, you are bound to find a fragrance that will be perfectly calming just for you. We also have scented candle gift sets for your loved ones. They have all been crafted by Master Perfumers from Grasse in France.

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Our online scented candles are only sourced from leading designers and French manufacturers who are focused on reducing their carbon footprint. The materials used in creating our scented candles are 100% natural. Our candles are capable of providing a unique olfactory experience with delicate and subtle tones that can fill your entire home with a relaxing fragrance boosted by natural and essential oils. Every single one of our scented candles available online has a burn time of 40 hours which means you can repeatedly light these candles for up to four to five nights in a row without needing a brand new one. This is even more remarkable when you consider that every single one of our high-quality online scented candles for sale is priced extremely competitively to enable everyone to have these beautiful fragrances in their homes.

Once you buy your scented candles in Melbourne from us, you will be impressed by the design longevity and fragrance that you will not need another provider for scented candles ever again. We can assure you that illuminating your home with these candles will usher in an environment that is peaceful and relaxing.

For our online scented candles. We also have an exclusive Collection since our manufacturer Maison Berger Paris has been granted the licence for Chateau de Versailles. Travel to the time of the French Kings and illuminate your interior to make it exceptional. From the fragrance composition to the candle making, discover a unique French know-how and quality. We have these options available in our premium scented candle gift sets.

Plunge into the heart of Chateau de Versailles and discover our collection of 8 candles with emblematic fragrances made in the purest tradition of French candle makers and inspired by the exceptional places and characters of Chateau de Versailles. Available in 3 formats. Take part in the global influence of Chateau de Versailles by contributing to the heritage conservation of this architectural masterpiece.

So, if you need high quality online scented candles in Australia, then reach out to Domaine Lumiere today. We can provide you with online  scented candles for sale that have a truly sublime fragrance and will not only add a calming touch but will also add an aesthetic appeal to your home that will look splendid. Besides, you can also buy scented candle gift sets to celebrate special occasions. 

Our customer care service team will be more than happy to take you through our extensive range of online scented candles to help you find the best fragrance for your needs. So, reach out to Domaine Lumiere today and get your scented candles from the best scented candle providers in Melbourne and the rest of Australia.