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Catalytic Lamps Australia

A catalytic lamp may sound like a relatively new concept but in reality, these lamps have been used for centuries. It is a home freshener that was originally meant to purify the air in hospitals, dating as far back as the early 20th century. Since these times, many people have focused on creating catalytic fragrance lamp oils that can help a catalytic lamp bring about a purifying fragrance that is not only relaxing but also cleanses the atmosphere in a given space. This is one of the strongest benefits of catalytic lamps.

They not only provide a highly calming fragrance, but also end up eliminating any kind of dust, bacteria or mould in the air. Furthermore, the rate at which a catalytic lamp spreads its fragrance enables it to break down the molecules of any lingering smells that may be considered undesirable such as tobacco smoke, bad smells, or simply dust. This means that choosing a Maison Berger Paris catalytic fragrance lamp can allow you to not only purify the air, but also the oxygen in a given space making the entire area a lot more sanitised.

Most catalytic fragrance lamp oils are extracted from plants and are 100% Natural. This enables them to not only cleanse the air safely but also helps them repel insects like mosquitoes and mites. This means that once an individual starts using catalytic lamps, they don't need to fill their home with dangerous chemicals just to keep the insects out. This also makes catalytic lamps an excellent option for outdoor candle burning.

As we have already mentioned, catalytic lamps effectively break down second-hand smoke and remove it from the air which means you don't need to air out your room after someone has consumed a tobacco product. But more than that, catalytic lamps can significantly reduce any kind of pet odours from the air.

Catalytic Fragrance Lamp

As a catalytic fragrance lamp purifies the air, rather than working on overpowering the fragrance it can reduce any undesirable smells that may come from either the kitchen or the bathroom. This means that as opposed to chemical air purifiers, a catalytic lab fragrance lamp can go a long way in cleansing your room in the most natural manner possible.

Though they remove pet odours from the air, catalytic lamps are highly pet friendly, while being extremely effective at repelling and even killing certain types of fleas. This is why catalytic lamps were constantly used in hospitals, as they could maintain a steady fragrance despite any hospital-related odours.

For your catalytic refillable lamps, look no further than our exclusive Maison Berger Paris selection. At Domaine Lumiere, we have an extensive range of refillable catalytic lamps that come in a variety of designs. Our catalytic lamps are extremely simple to operate. We also offer packages for catalytic fragrance lamp to help you find the best fragrance for your requirements.

If you still have any confusion, you can reach out to our customer care team and they will help you find the catalytic lamp that will work perfectly for you.

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