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Domain Lumiere’s range of Maison Berger car diffusers do a great job at providing your car with the ideal fragrance you need. The driver and the passengers will love every mile of the ride, as the gentle fragrance of your preferred Maison Berger Diffusers turn a monotonous journey into an unforgettable experience. You can buy Maison Berger car diffusers on wholesale basis as well.

Maison Berger offers a huge variety of car diffusers such as Satin Gold, Ocean Breeze and Aroma Energy. Besides, our Anti-Tobacco and Anti-Odour Animals Set of diffusers help keep away the odours from items containing tobacco and animal odour respectively. If you have pets or can’t resist smoking, such customised car diffusers are a must for your vehicle.

Enjoy long drives with these natural fragrances that don’t turn off people who are allergic to certain types of smells and scents. Each of our car scent diffusers has a universal appeal and suit the different preferences of people. All of our car diffusers are organic and sustainable in their entire life cycle. The fragrances of the car diffuser are quite vibrant and ambient.

Most Australians need Car Scent Diffusers

Car diffusers are a must for Australians – especially for people with babies and small children, as many of the items they use can leave behind a smell you’d rather avoid. You won’t need to worry about fresh objects lying in the car and leaving behind a rotting smell. Maison Berger’s range of car scent diffusers also ease your nerves, and make you relax and forget the tensions that are a by-product of your fast-paced life.

Each car diffuser works for a minimum of one month, and has a variety of head, heart and base notes. Maison Berger’s car scent diffusers can be easily clipped to your car’s air vent and work best when the AC is on. The smart packaging ensures minimum leakage as well as a smooth and comfortable drive every time you start the engine.