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Metal Candles Australia

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Buy metallic candles that give your home a traditional and regal look. These candles can be used for a variety of purposes. Decorate your living room, set the energy in your dining room in the right direction or enhance the ambience of your bedroom. Each of our metal candles guarantees a decent combustion time, so that users can focus on having a great time without worrying about replacing candles.

Design your table and showcase empty spaces of your hall with multiple metallic objects that go with these metallic candles. These candles are perfect for all occasions and suit all the time slots of the day. While you are most likely to set the candles alight during the dark, these metal candles enhance the look of your house interior even when they are not alight.

Metallic Candles – Gold, Pillar and other Varieties

Domaine Lumiere’s candles are available in a variety of designs and finishes, such as gold, silver, copper and pearl. The candles are also available in a variety of shapes, such as taper, cylindrical and ball (spherical). The gold metallic candles add to the lustre of your beautiful home décor without compromising on its subtlety. 

The metallic pillar candles come with self-support and do not need an extra stand. All the candle varieties have their own features and appeal, so choose a mix that suits your style requirements the best. The designs of all the candles are minimalistic and contain clean lines, going by the philosophy of ‘less is more’.

Explore our range of metallic candles of all shapes, sizes and designs. Explore the features of all the candles and use them for a variety of purposes. While most of the candles can be used for everyday purposes, you can take out the special candles for special occasions such as parties and festivals.