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Garnier-Thiebaut manufactures authentic French tea towel sets, with the complete manufacturing taking place in France. Fully handcrafted by our in-house designers, these tea towel sets have a soft and durable fabric, suited for all kinds of applications. Explore our full range of tea towels available for online buying.

Our tea towels are available for purchase throughout Australia. We have a variety of designs, and sets of two, three and four towels. Our towels do not absorb stains and are easy to maintain. The material is 100% washable.

These tea towel sets are suited for both home as well as business use. Our towel sets are used in a number of hotels and restaurants throughout Australia and abroad. If you are looking for the latest tea towel designs that offer comfort, Domaine Lumiere has a good range of products available for you.

Buy French Tea Towels Online

French tea towels are popular throughout the world for the amount of comfort, style and applicability they offer. Tea is an important part of business discussions, and many important decisions in personal and professional life are made over a cup of tea. Garnier-Thiebaut specialises in manufacturing tea towel sets for everyone.

Garnier-Thiebaut’s tea towels enjoy a pan-Australia presence. The towels are circulated for regular use in restaurants, hotels, cafes, bars, pubs, guest houses, universities as well as corporate setups throughout the country. The tea towels are easy to maintain, and have a long life – which makes them a popular choice among buyers.

Explore the best tea towel sets available online in a variety of designs, prints and colours. Our tea towels are also available in sets of two, three and four pieces. Our product catalogue is regularly updated, so keep viewing the space for the latest tea towel designs.