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Buy Pillar Candles in Australia

Pillar candles are growing in popularity throughout Australia. These candles are cylindrical shaped, are thick and possess great balance. Domaine Lumiere’s pillar candles come in a variety of premium colours – white, black, ivory, pearl grey and taupe. Each colour has its own charm and gives users many options.

Each of our pillar candles available in Australia burns for more than fifty hours. Some of our pillar candles can burn up to 125 hours as well. These candles are perfect for festivals and late-night functions and celebrations.

Bring your room to life with our exclusive range of Australian pillar candles. These candles are ideal for candlelight dinners and romantic dates as well as balcony and rooftop evening parties.

The reason our pillar candles are a hit in Australia is their compactness. They are small and easy-to-carry, but have a huge impact due to their large coverage area. These candles are also ideal for the coffee table.  

Pillar Candles for Weddings

A great application of pillar candles is in weddings. Whether it is an indoor party or a garden function, these candles add to the ambience and enhance the theme of the wedding décor. These candles also enhance your creative skills, as the plethora of options open up a number of possibilities.

Explore our range of wedding pillar candles for important functions such as your engagement. These candles create a great effect especially during the evening hours when combined with low artificial light..

The pillar candles for weddings can also be used in functions such as the wedding night and reception. A great aroma and light sets the mood for all the people around.

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