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Coloured Dinner Candles Australia

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It is common knowledge at this point that practically any dinner can be significantly enhanced with coloured dinner candles. This is for the simple reason that coloured dinner candles can provide a level of charm and sophistication to any dinner setting.  Dinner candles are also a great idea, as they add style and class to your dinner setting.  When you purchase high-quality dinner candles online, it adds dimension to your tablespace without spending a large amount of money for the ambiance of a dinner, which can be significantly enhanced with the warm glow of high quality coloured dinner candles.

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However, many people do not go for coloured dinner candles as they are afraid it might quickly create a disarray. This is where Domaine Lumiere comes in.

We have a wide range of coloured dinner candles that are designed in such a way that they do not have any build-up or pooling of wax at the bottom. Using a traditional and ancestral know-how in candle making, our French supplier Bougies la Francaise has been manufacturing exceptional quality candles since 1902: from stringent selection of raw materials, the most appropriate mixture of ingredients and temperature control throughout the entire manufacturing process in compliance with the latest standards. Only this way, each and every one of our candles contains the wealth of ancestral experience. They can also easily fit into almost any candle holder of choice and the wide range of colours enables you to choose a dinner candle that will perfectly blend with your decorating style. And if they don’t fit, guess what: they will thanks to our best seller candle sharpener!  Tapered candles should be a great fit for you as they have a universal appeal.

You can significantly amplify the warm glow of these dining table candles, by picking the right colour that blends with your decor to such a perfect extent that they almost look invisible compared to the warm glow of the candle itself. This is why if you need dinner candles online, then look no further than Domaine Lumiere.

Buy Dining Candles Online – Standard, Long and Tapered

There is a multitude of benefits to buying dinner candles online. You can select at your own pace amongst the wide variety of colours and types (standard, long or tapered) to ensure they will best fit with the rest of your table settings. You can comfortably browse through our extensive range of coloured dinner candles to find the perfect one for your requirements. There are many benefits to eating dinner by candlelight.

The simple act of lighting a dining table candle itself can have extremely positive effects on anyone’s mood. The gentle glow of our coloured dinner candles, provide a sense of calm and serenity allowing individuals to sit back and relax while having their meals. One cannot deny the charm that coloured dinner candles can bring to a dining experience. Even if you are not having a particularly fancy meal or even if there is no occasion to celebrate, the simple act of lighting a candle can add a touch of calm, softness and elegance to any dining experience. The best part about buying dinner candles online is that you can choose and compare between a large number of options to find a dinner candle that works perfectly for your requirements. We have a wide variety of standard, long and coloured dinner candles.

You can experiment with mixing up the colour palette and pick the coloured dinner candles that have special hues to reflect your themes. So, if you need high quality and well-crafted dinner candles online then reach out to Domaine Lumiere today!

We can help you find coloured dinner candles that will be perfect for your setting. Our customer service team will be more than happy to help you find the right coloured dinner candles for the occasion. You can rest assured that purchasing these dining table candles is guaranteed to bring your dinners a high level of ambiance and sophistication.


Are dinner candles dripless?

When burned correctly, our candles are dripless. A candle burns best when it is placed upright on a flat, stable surface indoors and is not exposed to breezes. Place candles away from air-conditioning vents and open doorways. Our coloured dinner candles are second to none.

Choose an appropriate candle holder to protect your surfaces and table linens. Group candles at least 10cm apart to prevent undue candle melt and burn. Too close burning can cause candles to collapse, drip, or burn for a shorter period.

Why are coloured dinner candles popular?

Coloured dinner candles are highly attractive and eye-catching. You do not run the risk of damaging your furniture or special décor by using dripless coloured dinner candles. Our coloured dining table candles are unique and exquisite.