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Christmas Candles in Australia

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Christmas candles in Australia have become part and parcel of the tradition of the holidays. This is not surprising as the Christmas candle scent can be found in any store or home during the Christmas season. Just like Christmas trees and Santa Claus, Christmas candles in Australia have become synonymous with the tradition and are highly desired by many households during the holidays. At Domaine Lumiere, we have specially crafted Christmas candle scents that come in the form of immaculately designed pine cone candles.

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These decorative candles are fantastic at evoking the Christmas spirit more so, due to their highly realistic design. This original decorative candle will carry the Christmas candle scent throughout your home and will burn for a significantly higher amount of time despite its modest size.

At Domaine Lumiere, we know that finding a pine-scented candle that is subtle yet beautiful is easier said than done, which is why we have decided to bring you a wide variety of candles that can bring you the Christmas candle scent that is so reminiscent of the holidays. We strive to save you from the trials and tribulations of shopping for Christmas candles, which is why you can be assured that you will find the best Christmas candles in Australia from our collection.

Our larch wood scented pine candles will fill your home with a subtle fragrance of pine. When you get a Christmas candle in Australia from Domaine Lumiere, you can be assured that your house will smell like Christmas.

Our pine-scented candles have significantly increased in popularity to the extent of being back-ordered during the Christmas seasons. This is primarily due to the high level of detail that was placed in its design, where the candle itself is adorned with minor specks that look like smoke crystals. When you buy our pine-scented Christmas candles, you get an aesthetically pleasing candle that looks just as fantastic even if it is not burning.

Christmas Candles Scents

The best part about our Christmas candle scents is that we have consulted certified aromatherapists to come out with a range of fragrances that are so relaxing, that they can reduce stress levels for the people around them. Every one of our pine cone candles burns for over 25 hours and do not have any wax pooling issues.

You can select from a range of red, brown and green pine cone candles. Each of which enables your home to have the lovely fragrance of a pine tree forest. You will feel like you are in the heart of winter with this figurine candle.

So, if you need beautiful and fragrant Christmas candles in Australia, then look no further than Domaine Lumiere. We stock a wide variety of different candles, but the ones with Christmas candle scents are one of the most popular during the holidays. So, if you want to bring Christmas home and if you want high-quality Christmas candles in Australia, then reach out to Domaine Lumiere today.