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Chateau de Versailles Candles

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Domaine Lumiere’s Chateau de Versailles candles take their name from the famous Palace of Versailles which is located west of Paris in France. Just like the name, the candles are regal in their design as well as the quality. The style and elegance these candles exude is nothing short of royalty.

Chateau de Versailles sets up the perfect ambience for a royal dinner, to go with a light setting and great opera music. The look and feel of these candles help you turn an ordinary evening into an occasion. These candles uplift the mood of everyone in the room, and emit positive vibes to create a sprightly atmosphere.

Chateau de Versailles candles are completely safe for children, as they are easy to handle and don’t drop a lot of wax. The candles balance easily and don’t fall to the sides. The high-quality candles are symmetrical and can also fit into your existing candle stands. The dripping is negligible, even if you use these candles along with other décor items.

The candle making process is a difficult one and involves paying a great amount of attention to each and every detail. The Chateau de Versailles range is finely handcrafted by experts and boast of a terrific look that resonates with one and all. The wax used is carefully handpicked and each candle emits a good amount of pleasant fragrance.  

The combustion time of Chateau de Versailles candles is quite large when compared to other ordinary candles. These candles are best suited for exclusive dinner parties when you invite your special friends or business associates. Be it casual gossip or intense discussions, this special range of dinner candles are perfect to keep things going even as time passes by.

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