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100gr Boudoir de la Reine Scented Candle


A fantasy of Marie-Antoinette’s ? Or a genuine hankering for a withdrawal to the simple life amid nature?... The Queens’s Boudoir was used as a private reception room in a charming, pleasant setting.

Queen Marie-Antoinette adored flowers, including rose and jasmine, inspiring the creation of this feminine scented candle with true floral spiced femininity.

The fragrance of this Boudoir de la Reine (Queen's Boudoir) candle is structured around three hot spices: pepper, which will give it its warm and bewitching facet, cumin that gives it its sensual character and clove, that gives it its mysterious power, almost aphrodisiac. A real olfactory explosion dressed with notes of rose and jasmine. In the background, the white wood, sandalwood and musk give a flight full of audacity to this candle made in France, ideal to enjoy moments of relaxation in the lounge.

In pewter seal on the glass, or in signature printed on the box, the monogram signs the candles whit majestic codes.

The monogram of Louis: an intertwined double “L” surmounted by a crown. This signature marks the belonging to royalty.

Bullied glass is handmade by Master Glassmakers. Every piece is unique.

Available in 3 formats: 100gr - 400gr - 1.5Kg

 Combustion time: +/- 25 hours

Dimensions : Height 8 cm x Width 6 cm
Materials: Natural wax, 1 braided cotton wick and glass
Made in France

Cautions for use : Keep away from children and animals. Place on a flat surface. Do not place near furniture that could catch fire or near ventilation. Do not leave unattended while burning. Do not hold while burning. To avoid implosion, do not keep burning for more than 3 hours in a row, cut the wicks to 1 cm and reposition them if necessary while the wax is still hot.