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400gr Chapelle Royale Scented Candle


Dedicated to Saint Louis, the music of the Royal Chapel, renowned throughout Europe thanks to the notes issued from the keyboards of the Clicquot organ, is accompanied by Communion scents.

This scented candle reveals a mystical trail with seductive, mysterious and powerful incense, associated with geranium. The fresh facet of the cypress gives it an incredible singularity.  Symbol of life, the fragrance is rounded on a background of oak moss, woody amber that gives it warmth, richness and depth.

The fragrance rises following the verticality of the vault, a heavenly communion while woody elegance.

Chapelle Royale: The mystical elevation of fresh and woody notes... 

In pewter seal on the glass, or in signature printed on the box, the monogram signs the candles whit majestic codes.

The monogram of Louis: an intertwined double “L” surmounted by a crown. This signature marks the belonging to royalty.

Bullied glass is handmade by Master Glassmakers. Every piece is unique.

Available in 3 formats: 100gr - 400gr - 1.5Kg

Combustion time: +/- 60 hours

Dimensions : Height 10 cm x Width 10 cm
Materials: Natural wax, 3 braided cotton wicks, handmade bullied glass
Made in France

Cautions for use : Keep away from children and animals. Place on a flat surface. Do not place near furniture that could catch fire or near ventilation. Do not leave unattended while burning. Do not hold while burning. To avoid implosion, do not keep burning for more than 3 hours in a row, cut the wicks to 1 cm and reposition them if necessary while the wax is still hot.