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Scented Candle Divine Cedar


The divine cedar scented candle reveals the intoxicating scents of precious wood. The wake of this woody candle releases all the presence of a majestic tree.

The divine cedar scented candle will reveal the intoxicating scent of a noble and precious wood.

In a breath, the wake of this woody candle releases the presence of a majestic tree evolving over the centuries.

Resolutely refined, this classic chic candle is draped in soft floral patterns reminiscent of the delicacy of its fragrance.

Awakening the senses, the first notes of this cedar candle open on the sparkling facet of an orange note. Softly, this glass candle gives way to a heart where spices and dry wood set the tone. The union of these accords sublimates the racy intensity of the cedar wood in a trail imbued with elegance.

This scented candle, please? Discover all our collection of woody scented candles .

Candle made in France. Perfume of Grasse: Divine Cedar.

    Diameter in mm Height in mm Burn time +/-
    75 91