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Pillar candle D.70mm H.150mm Pearl Grey

Pearl Grey
Diameter in mm
Height in mm

It is said that grey results from mixing all the colours ... Then the  pearl grey cylindrical candle  will be perfect to give sparkle to your home.

Modern in appearance, the elegant dress of this  decorative candle  borrows its pearly reflections from the pearls of the Pacific ...

A tone that has crossed the ages, and that gives this  pillar candle , tinted mass, a place of choice in your development. 

Handcrafted, these grey candles  are crafted from traditional methods to ensure  premium quality. These  traditional candles  have an exceptional burning quality, ensuring a burn time of about 75h, without risk of sagging. 

For a touch of luxury, find the pearl grey candle case   among our most beautiful glass bell.

Diameter in mm Height in mm Burn time +/-
70 150 75H