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Peau d’Ailleurs Bouquet Refill 200ml by Starck

REF 6822

The scents of this Peau d’Ailleurs Bouquet Refill 200ml by Starck are like meteorites crossing the atmosphere. This chimeric fragrance, which was initially a cologne, was born straight from the creative mind of the designer Philippe Starck. It was then adapted by Maison Berger Paris to embellish your interior with a few well-chosen olfactory notes. The mineral notes combined with green scents, diffuse an intense freshness, and are accompanied by the delicacy of violet flower. Its sweet and penetrating scent mingles with the refinement of iris and rose. This elegance is naturally highlighted by woody, leathery and musky tones, which provide their touch of character. The Peau d’Ailleurs Bouquet Refill 200ml by Starck pushes back the frontiers of possibilities and offers you boundless freedom. Once the twigs have soaked up the solution, let yourself go to the abstract contemplation of the world and give a little space to this measured yet salvaging scented eccentricity. If you have already tried it, indulge in the 400ml format!

  • To ensure your well-being, our products meet an extremely strict quality charter. Maison Berger Paris undertakes to only diffuse into the air substances that are perfectly mastered and controlled.
  • Fragrance guaranteed without any colourants


Height 15,8 cm
Width 6,8 cm
Length 3,7 cm
Amount 200 ml
Regulatory information Isopropanol. Highly flammable liquid and vapour. Causes serious eye irritation. May cause drowsiness or dizziness.