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Pillar candle D.8cm H.20cm 125HRS Pearl Grey


Whatever the theme of your evening, the pearl grey cylindrical candle will be perfect to add sparkle to your room.

In a very elegant modern color, this decorative candle is adorned with the pearly softness of the Pacific pearls ...

With a timeless tone, the pillar candle tinted mass highlights your finest furniture and ensures a radiance of the most beautiful effect.

Handcrafted , these pearl grey candles are crafted from traditional methods to ensure premium quality . These traditional candles have an exceptional burning quality, ensuring a burning time of about 125h, without risk of sagging.

Push refinement, and liven up this great candle size pearl grey to black cylindrical candle 125h .

Pillar Candle, Made in France

Diameter in cm Height in cm Burn time +/-
8 20 125HRS