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Scented Candle in Glass with Galvanised Lid 'Baby Lotion'


In an ode to your earliest childhood, the scented vintage scented candle of bathers unveils the sweetness of a forgotten era. Dressed in an old-fashioned label, this original candle assumes its 100% retro side. Remove its galvanized steel lid and let yourself be carried away by the nostalgia of a newfound emotion. 

This scented candle releases sparkling orange notes. Subtly, a flowery heart, soft and powdery, is revealed. While the vanilla background of this  regressive candle extends the scent. Secretly linked to your memory, this vintage candle you will revive those moments of carelessness where, little girl, your swimmer was transported in your most beautiful stories of child. 

Orange / Petitgrain / Violet / Musk

Diameter in mm Height in mm Burn time +/-
73 83 40H