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Scented Candle in Glass with Galvanised Lid 'Fresh Laundry'


The scented candle vintage wardrobe lingers you in the past in search of lost memories. Wearing an old-fashioned label and a galvanized steel lid, this original candle is adorned with a retro design. With this vintage candle , relive these moments of tranquility where you watched your grandmother lay her laundry in the sun, then put it in her wooden cabinet with dried lavender. 

The fragrance of this scented candle opens on the alliance of floral and aldehyde notes. Gradually, the scent of this retro candle warms on woody and spicy notes ... Reminiscent of the scent of clean linen of yesteryear.

Rose / Lavender / Cedar / Sandalwood

Diameter in mm Height in mm Burn time +/-
73 83 40H