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Scented Candle in Glass with Galvanised Lid 'Saddlers Balm'


Like a small collector's item, the vintage scented balm of the saddlers unveils in its fragrance a history of the past. Dressed in an old-fashioned label and a galvanized steel lid, this retro candle transports you to the origins of a forgotten craft. 

In a eulogy to noble materials, this leather scented candle transports you in a saddle of yesteryear. Enter this workshop and discover a happy junk where leather parts and tools reign. In a complex trail of citrus, rosé, spicy and woody notes, the fragrance of this scented candle evokes the scent of a leather crafted with passion. 

Cypress / Cinnamon / Cedar / Sandalwood

Diameter in mm Height in mm Burn time +/-
73 83 40H