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Scented Candle in Glass with Galvanised Lid 'Antiquaires Wax'


In its frankly retro look, the antique scented vintage wax candle immerses you in the scent of your past. Dressed in an old-fashioned label, this decorative candle finds its originality in its galvanized steel lid. Seeming out of a flea market, this vintage candle will add a touch of retro in your decor. 

Built around beeswax, the wake of this scented candle diffuses hesperid and honeyed notes. This original candle reveals the warmth of a woody heart, with subtle hints of honey ... To settle in a waxy background with accents just as honey. Evoking the iconic scent of the wax used by antique dealers, this scented candle perfectly masks the scratches of time 

Orange / Beeswax / Honey

Diameter in mm Height in mm Burn time +/-
73 83 40H