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100gr Galerie des Glaces Scented Candle


 A landmark in the history of France and adorned with numerous national emblems, the Hall of Mirrors impresses with its splendor and excess and it makes you feel small.

This Galerie des Glaces (Hall of Mirrors) scented candle is the image of this room, dazzling and majestic. It radiates and warms your decoration by unveiling a floral flight tinged with bergamot that recalls the cold touch of a sparkling mirror, then patchouli brings a touch of warm sensuality. The grey amber and the more enveloping tones of the musk combine with the sweet scents of vanilla, to live a fabulous journey in time.

Take a few moments to admire and smell this candle with a hypnotizing aura.

In pewter seal on the glass, or in signature printed on the box, the monogram signs the candles whit majestic codes.

The monogram of Louis: an intertwined double “L” surmounted by a crown. This signature marks the belonging to royalty.

Bullied glass is handmade by Master Glassmakers. Every piece is unique.

Available in 3 formats: 100gr - 400gr - 1.5Kg

 Combustion time: +/- 25 hours

Dimensions : Height 8 cm x Width 6 cm
Materials: Natural wax, 1 braided cotton wick and glass
Made in France

Cautions for use : Keep away from children and animals. Place on a flat surface. Do not place near furniture that could catch fire or near ventilation. Do not leave unattended while burning. Do not hold while burning. To avoid implosion, do not keep burning for more than 3 hours in a row, cut the wicks to 1 cm and reposition them if necessary while the wax is still hot.