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Staying In Gift Set Green Garden


Treat yourself or a friend while we stay in with one of our favourite French Pairs.

Tea Towel Mille Jardin Potager 

Garnier Thiebaut cotton is especially absorbent and durable, using the traditional Jaquard weaving technique. It is perfect to dry tableware and cutlery.

  • Dimensions: 56 x 77 cm
  • 100% cotton

Garnier-Thiebaut is using the best quality threads and colorants for this type of product to ensure the satisfaction of our customers.

Dinner Candles Green Garden

Turn an every day moment special with two meadow green & 2 forest green dinner candles with two small glass candleholders

- 7h burning time
- unscented, benzene and sulphur free
- dripless and smokeless

While we stay in, we can still take a poetic trip in surrealist worlds where imagination has no limit…