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Pine Cone Candle Green


From the first glance, the green pinecone candle brings life, nourished with sap, reminiscent of the freshness of the mosses, the intimacy of the undergrowth, but it also symbolizes the resistance to cold, the immortality of large conifers, patriarchs of our forests.

This carved candle is not afraid of temperature differences: it remains lively, from the coniferous to the cozy nest of your living room.

The green of this original decorative candle will marry the intense red of the fir tree balls, the pristine white of a tablecloth of the holidays, gold sparkles in all the eyes of children. 

Enjoy the delicate fragrance of cedar, moss and lichen from this scented figurine candle . The forest, as if you were there!

For a 100% forest spirit, add a few red and brown pine cone candles  .

Diameter in mm Height in mm Burn time +/-
80 130 25H