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Scented Candle Jasmine & Chamomile


Breathe what nature has to offer with this La Nature Collection candle scented with chamomile and jasmine. A floral scented candle made from essential oils.

Formulated with the greatest care and with respect for the environment, this  chamomile jasmine candle  is mainly composed of ingredients of natural origin.

Based on 100% vegetable wax (mainly rapeseed) without paraffin or dye, this  artisanal candle  relies on the quality of French know-how.

In its pretty white lacquered glass, this  floral candle  chooses purity and simplicity.

Enriched with natural essential oils, this  vegetable wax candle  offers you a unique olfactory experience:  white fl orality which reveals the most subtle facets of jasmine associated with chamomile which displays its finely fruity scents.

  • Candle made in France
  • Perfume of Grasse
Diameter in mm Height in mm Burn time +/-
75 91