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"Chester' Dog Candle Grey

$20.00 $39.95

A collection that does not lack teeth! With Chester, the dog becomes the star of your decoration. 

In search of a home, the decorative candle dog grey Chester Feels Good just waiting to be tamed! With his manner of trickster, this original candle will quickly become the mascot of your home. In an exclusive design, this artisanal candle , hand carved and tinted mass , appears to us under the irresistible features of a small westie, surely purebred. 

In a soft, calm and soothing color, this decorative candle  perfectly combines originality and sobriety. Put Chester on a coffee table at the end of the sofa, and make this Grey candle the favorite companion of your early evening! 

Adopt Chester, but do not forget to give him a colorful decorative candle that will accompany him at any time of the day!

Diameter in mm Height in mm Burn time +/-
110 140 30H