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Scented Candle in Designer Gift Box - Girly Flower

Girly Flower
Diameter in mm
Height in mm

Adopting the latest fashion trends, the girly flower scented candle box dresses with an irresistible pencil stroke. In an ultra trendy look, this original screen-printed glass candle invites you to follow a "Miss" in the most beautiful addresses of Paris. This glamorous candle is presented in a delightful pastel box to become the must have decorating fashion addicts. 

The pretty Parisian takes you on a bucolic stroll at the flower market. In a flight of notes, this scented candle reveals the freshness of a bouquet of flowers. The sensuality of a pink background blossoms in this wake of extreme femininity ... This floral candle would almost make us think that the campaign was in the heart of Paris. 

Freezia / Iris / Musk / Orange Blossom

Diameter in mm Height in mm Burn time +/-
78 90 40H