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Garnier Thiebaut Dish Towels


Add a hint of French style in your kitchen with our 100% Cotton Tea Towels !
Mix & match your favourite ones to create the perfect combination for your home... plus save with this set of 4.
This very unique Jacquard fabric is designed by Garnier Thiebaut in-house Design Team and entirely manufactured in France using premium quality 100% extra-long staple cotton, resulting in a stronger, softer and more durable fabric.
Garnier Thiebaut Tea Towels have been woven in France since 1833 using the best quality threads to ensure the everlasting satisfaction of their customers.
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56cm x 77cm
100% cotton

Care Instructions:
1. Cold wash before first use (40c)
2. Machine wash medium (40c)
3. Do not tumble dry
4. Iron on high setting

Garnier-Thiebaut brings you a range of customised towels with great designs and vibrant colours. The towels are manufactured by our in-house team of designers in France, are great in quality as well as in design. Garnier-Thiebaut kitchen towels are growing in popularity by the day.

These towels are perfect for tea time, as well as for general use. Garnier-Thiebaut dish towels can be used for your dining table as well as kitchen. Many of the towels in this range can also be used for your living room and bathroom. Your guests will simply love the designs of this exquisite range of towels.  

Garnier-Thiebaut Kitchen and Tea Towels

Garnier-Thiebaut kitchen and tea towels are perfect for home use, and help you maintain the hygiene in your house while staying casual. Your guests will simply love the designs of these towels, as we have a huge variety that we keep updating. The material used for the towel fabric is fine and skin friendly.

Garnier-Thiebaut kitchen towels are soft and fluffy. They don’t absorb any sort of dust, stains or unnecessary colours. The towels have been manufactured using organic dies. Our 100% cotton towels add the French touch to your kitchen, enhancing its appeal.

Garnier-Thiebaut kitchen, tea and dish towels are easy to maintain and require cold wash before first use. You can regularly wash the towels using machine and iron the towels using the high setting. Each towel is guaranteed to last long while maintaining its natural texture.

Garnier-Thiebaut tea towels are manufactured in France using high-quality threads that result in a durable fabric – ideally suited for items that get wet regularly. Our towels are loved by customers all around the world and can be used for both domestic and business purposes. Many corporate organisations as well as hotels and hospitality chains use Garnier-Thiebaut’s towels.