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Set the perfect mood with party candles for all special occasions and celebrations to look forward to. Each of the Domaine Lumiere party candle sets contains twenty or more candles. Each candle has been finely handcrafted with great designs.

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The party candles contain bright colours that create the ideal atmosphere for special occasions. Be it a kid’s party or celebrating an anniversary, these candles ensure a great mood to create a vibrant setting.

Our party candles are available in different sets of pink, blue, green and orange candles. We also have a multicoloured sets, which includes all kinds of party colours and shades that you can think of. The main idea behind these candles is to create a great theme for your party, with an ambient fragrance and a long-lasting effect to create memories that will stay with you for a lifetime.

Birthday Party Candles from Domaine Lumiere

Our exquisite range of candles can also be used as birthday party candles. You can cut the cake, sing songs, make videos and the candles will still burn bright. Why not create a party theme using the colours that are available in your candle set? Choose the colours that suit your preferences and style the best.

Our multicolour birthday party candles are great as they offer a good mix of variety. This candle set will help you sail through the period as everyone’s preferences can be looked after.

The candles are durable and can be used even after months of opening the pack. Explore our variety of candles that can be used as birthday party candles. These candles can also be used for occasions such as office parties, anniversaries, wedding functions or perhaps just a normal rooftop party to celebrate a friend’s reunion.