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"SAM" Dog Candle Turquoise

$20.00 $39.95

A collection that does not lack a dog! Sam is a retro nod to a creative mind that focuses on pop ideas, flashy colors and figurative forms. 

With an exclusive design, the Sam Suffit turquoise dog decorative candle displays a funny and realistic pose, making it the first "companion accessory". Beneath its sinister airs, this original candle , sculpted by hand and tinted mass , reveals the muddy boil of a small bulldog that would almost be installed on a pad ... 

Easy to coordinate, this turquoise decorative candle will be the vital touch of your development. Put Sam in the middle of a room, and make this candle dog the axis of your future decorating ideas. 

Diameter in mm Height in mm Burn time +/-
110 140 30H